Top show


I tell you what the farce is

Women who do selfies of their arses 

Because it’s all about body show

Top gloss and narcissistic imagery has grown

It’s all about the style over substance

There seems a certain reluctance

To be defined by intelligence 

Like being smart is just a nuisance. 

Depth is sadly lacking

Limited education is dragging

Expectations down into the gutter

What’s wrong with the body you mutter 

And I have nothing against it

It can be truly splendid 

But they need to show that they can be more than this

More than just a shallow image for fantasist

All this stems from the misogynists 

Who hold the power over everything

And some women are trying to appeal to them

Figure this is their way to get on

Ignoring the fact that it’s wrong

But only thinking about the money 

The fame and being a rich man’s honey

So they can have the idyllic life

I guess though if it’s how they wish to live their life, that’s fine.

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  1. This is so funny- cos it’s such a reality. The problem is that in a blink of an eye- both figure and youth are gone- trust me.
    I feel sorry for them because they rely on the external to survive- not like us😊. Our thoughts and words are eternal

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