Break the cycle of hate does pain

We have to find a way to break the cycle of hate and pain

Of retribution time and again,

Victims Killing victims in who’s name

Playing out this violence is totally insane.

Victims in the rubble women and children dead,

Victims in a concert hall caused by murderous men,

Terrorist and governments are no fucking different,

Killing fucking people both insistent,

That they are on the side of right

That clearly wrong

And in these dark times we have to stand strong,

Stop bombs, stop drones, and put a halt to death

And those who seek to deprive us of breathe,

Reject this violence and stand for peace

Don’t let this hate and violence define you and me,

Don’t let them force us down on our knees.

Be the love, be the light,

In these terrible times,

Don’t let vengeance infect your mind,

We are stronger when United

So let’s pull together as one,

Let’s all hold hands in unconditional love.


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