Terror attacks

Terror attack

Compassion they lack,

It’s just a brutal callous murderous fact,

Nothing to do with God or religion

Just psychopathic men on a mindless brutal mission,

To shed blood at any chance

There acts are a boil that need to lanced

And exposed for for the hypocrisy the represent,

Because it’s got nothing to do with any religious tenats.

Terrorist spread fear just like a cancer

They are the sick and twisted necromancers

And we won’t bow,

No we won’t submit,

Because in love there is nothing to be fearing,

Your acts are futile and full of shame

What you do does not represent any religions name,

It’s just pure hate and sick blood lust,

And it won’t deter us from unconditional love.


17 thoughts on “Terror attacks

  1. Same here in the Philippines in one of our Regions. And Yes, we will not submit. We will not bow nor cower with fear. Because in unity there is strength. In strength there is hope. In hope there is love. And in love there is peace. Peace and freedom are not just an illusion.

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  2. I actually feel for any artist or performers whose events are used for this sort of hatred. Would be very difficult to approach work the same way again

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      1. It’s not even warfare. Their method has little political meaning. Just nasty hatred. Then they hide behind all sorts of rhetoric as they howl with laughter at what they get away with. DTN’s (drug trafficking networks) support them. It is a kind of organized crime that crosses political borders for mobility and leverage.

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