Earth’s reprieve

How can we not see

this world, our Earth,

is in need of a reprieve.

We have cut down

to many trees,

killed far to many bees,

made to many species extinct,

mostly for habitat

mostly for greed.

The most dangerous pest

on the face of this planet,

are human beings

who consume like gannets,

devouring resources

without a thought or a care,

believing that nature

will always self repair,

a moronic attitude

by those slow of wit,

our Earth is being destroyed

bit, by greedy bit,

is it not about time

we open our eyes,

is it not about time

we opened our minds,

we moan about stupid things

all of the time,

but to serious issues

we are totally blind,

so stand up and be counted

demand a right to see,

our Earth being given

it’s well deserved reprieve.


Via: Daily Prompt: Reprieve



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