Man eating machine

She was an object if his desire

Set within him an open fire,

That consumed him whole

And incinerated his soul,

Devoured his flesh

It was beyond his control.

But she on the other hand

Manipulated his strings, 

She knew the fire she was igniting,

She felt the need to savor his flesh,

She wanted to witness

His heart melt,

Wanted to watch 

As his soul was consumed,

Wanted to devour him

Eating the raw open wounds,

She wanted to taste his open being,

For she was as fiendish as any I have seen.

He did not stand a chance,

With her sculptured body

Wrapped in a tight dress,

Long slender legs showing

Curves that are perfect

And in the perfect places,

Lips dripping pure red and so juicy 

Eyes piercing blue

And hair shining beautifully

As the finest silk,

This is a female of goddess, warrior, queen, ilk

And she floated as she moved 

With a grace rarely seen,

For she was a true beauty 

And a man eating machine.


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