Phone alone

She sat alone watching the tv

Though nothing much was on,

Her family were all in bed

She was invisible and unknown,

And she sat and thought of what she missed

Thoughts began to stir

And before too long she found herself

Legs open wide on the sofa

And she was touching and was rubbing,

With sensuality slowly between her legs,

Over the now damp leggings

Thinking this is what she deserved.

She imaged how good it would be

If someone else was doing it for her,

She flitted through the archives of her memory for a face

And as she felt the passions rise 

And felt the juices flow she was in a moment of grace.

Her phone rang silent and as she glanced

She thought this was worth a go

And as she answered,

The voice replied, ‘how are you babe’

It was a friend from work who she knew well,

Though a little older in age,

She asked if she could confide 

And we’re anxious for her to disclose

And when she told them her predicament

Things got rude then crude,

As they guided her through the motions

Had her doing what she was told,

She felt so erotically charged 

From head down to her toes,

She slipped her hand in her leggings

And then inside her pants,

Did everything the voice commanded 

She was now playing to their demands.

And the more she played the hotter things got

And her breathing became ecstatic

As she felt her body going in to spasms,

Which she felt was so fantastic,

She sighed and moaned quietly,

So as not disturb anyone,

She had to bite on a cushion

As she reached her peak of fun.

And her top was up and her breasts were out 

And she caressed and massaged them both,

She felt the charge of passion and of a need to explore them,

She arched, she twisted

Her hips they bucked, in uncontrollable waves,

She was experiencing something

She hadn’t had for many a day,

Her long legs stretched,

Her tight bum clenched,

As stomach tightened up,

As surge of pure lust ripped through her

And one had gripped hard her breast,

She buried her face in cushions

And gasped and let out moans and silent screams,

As she now felt her bodies juice freely now flowing

And as she went faster, as she was told

She felt ready enough to burst

And in a wild explosions she experienced

A first.

Climax after climax simultaneously surging through her,

She did not want this moment to stop

And wished the other person was with her,

But she had them pictured in her mind

And imaged them doing these things to her.

She felt a guilty feeling but one of pure pleasure.

When she finally out of breath 

And exhausted ended the call,

She wondered how at work things would be,

When confronted by her.

But she smiled and basked in this blissful moment

And bathed in the sensual afterglow

And thought she would not worry about tomorrow 

And just let it all go.


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