Open up to life

We walk through life

And in our travails,

We find often our minds assailed,

By thoughts of distraction

And thoughts of doubt,

But I know that when we shout aloud,

That no one here’s our muted screams

Suffocatedas we are by life if seems,

Emotionless we have become cold,

We feel ourselves withering and growing old.

But it does not have to be like this

If we open up to our true existence,

If we open our hearts,

If we open our minds,

We maybe surprised by that which we find,

We could find the love

And find the bliss,

Find the joy of living as if

Nothing mattered like fear and hate,

That these things will never get in the way,

Of feeling empowered by being open

To the universe in ways unbroken,

We could be the power be the change

Be the inspiration of a new age,

If we let ourselves become wild and free 

If we find our spiritual belief,

If we open ourselves to the endless possibilities

That what we want we can achieve,

As easily as it is to breathe

And that life will no longer smother you or me,

For we are wide open and universally free

Understanding the power of the human being.


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