Climate changer or just ignorant and deranged

There are those that understand climate change,

And others who are ignorant and deranged

And think everything will be ok,

Despite their insular thinking and greedy ways,

They will see the whole die for the sake if profit,

And so it’s up to the rest of us to put a stop to it.


5 thoughts on “Climate changer or just ignorant and deranged

  1. Best hope is to teach our children respect for Earth, the cycles, and resources is sustainables ways…There are stories told about how the people on Easter Island stripped the land of trees to place their monolithes in places and thus the island became barren… Earth is renewable…. yet it takes time and consciousness to work WITH the cycles of life….If anything we wish to leave behind is knowldege of how it is easy, and it can be fairly profitable, when working wiht Earth as a living resource! Yuppers you hit a passion of mine., thank you!

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