Stop ripping our world apart

We don’t have to play a role

In ripping this world apart,

We can unify today

And find much better ways,

Better answers to the problems

Because destroying the world

Won’t solve anything at all.

There are enough resources,

If we do it right,

Nurture and grow them,

Not just exploiting them through greed,

For nothing is ever endless,

Nothing is inexhaustible

And we need all resources,

To keep the balance right.

There are those blinded by greed

And they cannot see the wrong,

Some just don’t understand

Even though it’s been going on for so long,

Ignorance is our enemy

People simply do not see,

This world is dying

And it’s being killed by us,

It’s gagging and choking

On pollution plastic, wires and plugs,

Our progress is nature’s curse,

Our desire for more

Our technological leap forward

Has left the nature feeling the hurt.

We need to find better ways,

We need to find new answers,

We need to move into a greener age,

Or it will be the last of us,

Our nature is beautiful,

This Earth our home was once a paradise,

Now it’s suffering and it groans,

Under the weight of human exploitation.


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