Open your eyes and see

‘An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind’,

Maybe that’s why our world seems so dark,

To much hating, to much fighting,

Not enough love and not enough peace,

A lack of understand and the right education,

That talks about unity not separation,

To many people reacting out of fear 

To many people shedding tears,

For loss of their loved ones dead in the streets,

This a global epidemic,

Fueled by religion, fear and war

Let’s make a stand and demand more.

Disconnect from this violent society,

Stop buying papers and watching tv,

Stop participating in their stupid games

Stop going to church for they are funded by shame,

Your God is omniscient and can hear you anywhere,

You don’t have to worship in their halls

Because your God is always there,

You don’t need to put your money in their coffers,

All that happens is you enrich some tossers

Who tell you that you’re a sinner,

When you’ve lived a good life,

Done what you always thought was moral and right,

Disconnect from this system that kills and maimes,

In the name of their political and religious games,

Look to bring together humanity in the name of love,

And I will tell you now for your God that will be more than enough.


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