We are not born to hate

People don’t just start to hate

That’s taught to them by the media, religions and the state,

We are too busy living, working everyday 

Trying to scrimp trying to scrape to worry about who to hate

But in our down time from the tv screens

And the daily tabloids who are obscene,

Fill us with reasons that they create

Through xenophobic, homophobic, gender and racist hate,

This is the reason we say what we say

When we speak such words of such distaste,

Mouthing words put there by the media, religions and the state,

If it were simply down to us

And if we were allowed to go about life in our own way,

There would be more peace, less hate

But the government doesn’t profit that way,

Guns and bombs as well as wars create wealth,

Stop them being poor,

Selling arms to those who offer them to others,

Then they come along and attack us 

But that’s ok because we are just collateral damage,

To those in power and those of wealth,

Who create the wars and promote the deaths.


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