To much politics 

To much politics

Stirring up the anger,

To many people

Looking to further their own aims,

Not enough people

Trying to console and go out their way,

To try to understand

Those who’ve lost loved ones suffer pain.

To many political officials 

Trying to cover their arses, 

To much division between

The social classes,

Money will never put and end 

To what they’ve gone through,

But a decent place to live

Would be a decent starting place.

People who have lost everything 

Are wounded so deep,

I am not sure they will ever again 

Be able to sleep,

Or even go through movements

Or even day by day,

To get through it without suffering

Such unimaginable pain.

Their problems do not stem just now

But they will last long into the future,

So any help has got to last for the longest time,

For there are many rivers to be cried,

They need healing in every way

But especially inside.


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