Homeless People, empty homes

Homeless people

Empty homes

The oligarchs and the wealthy own,

Used for residency but unoccupied

To continue the tax lies.

Homeless people

Forced to live on the streets

Meanwhile flats lay empty,

Homes where nobody resides

Just buildings used to hide,

The money of the rich

Who do not care

And certainly would never share,

Show compassion and show they care

By letting homeless people live there.

This is a reflection on our society

Where greed always wins over people’s needs.


3 thoughts on “Homeless People, empty homes

  1. This reminds me of a man, deceased now, who was our city’s icon. He was homeless, wore women’s bikini’s, and talked to everyone.
    There was a mold infested house in one of the nicer neighborhoods and the owner offered it to “Leslie.” He stayed there for over a month. I guess he figured that, even with mold, it was a better shelter than an underpass. Leslie, who I had the pleasure of sitting down with and sharing a brief conversation, was loved by many. When he died, Austin’s newspaper wrote a nice article about him. Knowing your passion for the homeless, you will be interested in this article.


    Thanks for the post and the memory.

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