I see poetry as a mouthpiece 

A mouthpiece of the soul,

To send and spread a message

That needs to be told,

I bare myself and open my heart

And become vulnerable,

To all those who don’t agree with me

But I’ve learnt as I got old,

That not everyone ever 

Is going to agree with you

But as long as your message is heartfelt 

And to it, you stay true,

Then that is all that’s important.

As I spread the words of love and peace

And oppose all war, hate and violence

And search for other answers 

That will bring these things to silence,

That will release the world from all the suffering and pain,

And the divisions that have set in,

My message is a simple one

Let’s heal and make humanity and the world finally whole again.


2 thoughts on “Message

  1. Poetry is courage. Emotional courage.
    The Irish Fianna were like a special forces who had to be adept poets. Ever had a drink and a punch on with an Irish boy then 10 minutes later you’re mates again… We got Conner McKenna at Essendon. When he came to the club we knew he was speaking English but no one undersood anything he said. Then he had a few drinks and everyone loves him. 3 years on and he is killing em off the half back. Love the Irish boys. Great middle distance runners…. Probably having a pint too. They’re women are even better… probably because of the blokes the have to put up with

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