Loser magnet

She was like a magnet

to the wrong kind of guys,

she attracted

the worse sometimes,

they treated her badly

yet she came back for more,

the worse they seem to treat her

she seemed to love them more

and i couldn’t understand

why she acted this way,

she was beautiful, intelligent in every way,

and could attract any man she wanted

but went for the ones

that seemed to make her sad.

She was sexy, she was funny

when she was unattached,

she loved life that’s a fact

but the guys that she got with

they loved to control,

wanted own her mind, body and soul,

and they treated her, like she was shit,

did she not seem to realise this,

she didn’t need to put up with it,

she was better than them,

she was better than that,

wasting time on the stupid saps.

But her heart led her places

that she didn’t need to go

and a place of darkness started to grow,

deep within her being and within her soul

and the amazing woman I used to know,

is now hooked on drugs,

and hooked on booze,

hooked on people, almost born to lose,

her looks have now faded,

along with the light in her eye,

physically she looks ill

I am not gonna lie,

everything that made her simply amazing

the corrupted and and made depraved,

every single bit of love and compassion she had

were gone now and that’s so sad.

I wish I could help but she won’t be helped,

so I guess she will have to look for salvation herself,

hopefully a time will come and she will see this,

and if I am here to help, I wont resist

but it’s so wrong how people can be led,

to a miserable part of the destructive self,

how some people are magnets, to those who are no good,

If I could protect her I surely would,

but she would not let me.


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