Ride along

So what do think?

You can just sit back?

Ride along like a passenger

Of everybody else’s sacrifices,

Ride along on the coat tails of those greats

Without making a sound

Not wishing to create,

Just tagging along

To take the plaudits at the end,

To be the last man standing by keeping your head down,

Taking no risks yet sounding so profound,

Do you really think humanity or this world

Can be saved without your words,

Without your inspiration

That is quite absurd,

Do you think as a passenger 

There would be no fare for the ride,

No price to pay did you think it would be fine.

Well my friend though we are glad you came along,

Please feel free to participate 

Through word, poem or song,

Just make your thoughts known however you can,

And show that finally you are willing to make a stand.
Via: Daily Prompt: Passengers 


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