Lhasa is silent as to my tears

It’s all quiet in Lhasa tonight

Silent like their rights,

While China tries to hide

The ethnic and cultural cleansing,

Of with there is no happy ending.

In the dark of night people disappear,

During the daytime shrines are torn down,

Making way for the replicants

Known as Han Chinese and none are dissident,

For they are being gifted other people lives,

Given their land, their homes, their rights,

Tibetans are stripped of these everyday

The watch as they are simply given away,

Yet in silent blindness of the West

We act as if nothing is happening,

Turn our faces the other way,

Why? Because China is  more financial powerful today,

So all governments just sit back

Any bit of bravery or compassion they lack,

It would be like sitting back and watching over

The extermination of the Jews,

Unlike Tibet it made big news,

Populations being cleansed

But unlike the Jews

This is in their homeland

And to think that so much of the world

Shows how little it cares,

More worried about finance and shares,

So think on as you appease the Chinese,

The silence is not just in Lhasa

It’s also within you and me,

Allowing such genocide in this day and age go on,

The shame on all governments and us all must always live long.


One thought on “Lhasa is silent as to my tears

  1. I feel their pain yet in Australia we allow them to buy everything .. our farms, resources, homes, businesses, harbours and now we have given them control of our defence records … we never learn, shame on the world 😦

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