The decree

Don’t you think we should care 

Do you think try,

To resolve all the hatred 

In these days and times,

Don’t you think we should stand up

And make ourselves heard, 

For the sake of humanity

For the sake of the world,

Do think we owe to ourselves to come an unite

Under the banner of love and light.

To share a great vision of compassion and peace

Understand the meaning of tolerance that seems out of reach,

Do you know think we owe the world one mighty debt

And stop polluting it and exploiting up to our necks,

Do you not realise the damage we’ve done

Destroyed the ozone layer exposed us to the sun

And it’s harmful radiation and uv rays

If we carry on like this we will see end of days,

Do you not have the knowledge or the respect

To stop all this madness for this generation and the next,

Are to to full of ourselves to boosted on ego

To understand the we need to go with the flow,

The flow being the universe and creation sublime,

Right into nature but not necessarily back in time,

The future is ours to nurture and grow 

As we are a part of an old ancient spiritual soul,

That can change thing and heal things

For now and all time,

As long as we all refuse to be blind,

To the growth and development of humanity

And to this whole world we should make this decree,

That we shall honour this Earth and all things upon it,

To make up for all of the wrong we have done it.


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