There is a population overload

We are like a virus out of control,

Unable to slow down the birth rate

And it’s all bubbling up into race hate,

As we all squeeze to fit in 

To borders governments are redefining.

Everybody grasping for declining resources,

Everything being manipulated by market forces

And as the world keeps heating up,

Things will just get worse,

We are spreading into animal habitats

So they now also feel the hurt,

Pretty soon there will be no more 

Room here left to move,

Precious little water

And even less food,

Then what you going to do 

To solve the problem we’ve created,

Try to find another world 

Because this one is saturated,

Bad news is there is nothing close

So we will have to do something now 

To reduce our species 

And control our numbers somehow,

Through birth control and other means

That does not include wiping people out,

We have to find these answers now for we are bursting out.


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