Party piece or performance art

Shortly at the party after the introductions

The jangling of the keys, then thrown into the middle,

She knew the score 

It would get hard-core

With someone she had never met before

And as they chose their various rooms

She decided on the bathroom

Where in the mirror she could admire

The skills this guy would show her

Once out of their attire

But he did not wait for that

Spun her round made her grab the taps

Bent over the sink he lifted her shirt skirt

Pulled her underwear aside without a sound

Then entered within her and began to roughly pound 

Her tiny firm bum like she had never known

She then looked up she their faces in the mirror

His look intense her looking in pleasure

He thrust as she grounded back into him

Wriggling and squirming

To heighten it for him

Her lifted off her top and ripped off her bra

Massaged her breasts and she just saw stars

As the blood rushed to her head

She felt him speed up

Then she felt him slow down

As his essence flowed in her

Then he turned her around

Wrapped her legs round his waist

And in the blink of an eye they were at it again

Kissing with deep passion

Speaking filthy words

As he gripped her bottom

She let out a soft curse

That spurred him on faster

Left nothing to chance

At that moment she glanced around and saw a large mirror

And saw as he took her

Deeper and faster their passion could not be curbed

And after a while his essence flowed once again 

Their perspiration now showing the strain

Both gasping an d panting they both reached the end

And she departed the bathroom 

Along with her new friend 

And he guided her to a room next door

That when she entered 

Could not believe what she saw

The rest of the party people watching them perform 

Through a two way mirror they had sat and watched all

So she smiled and she bowed and accepted the applause

Her husband was ecstatic

And that pleased heresy much

Especially as now it was his turn too…


Via: Daily Prompt: Jangle


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