Latin beat and hot vibes

She sits alone

With her thoughts,

With her mind set on overload 

Within her car,

In a secluded spot

Of natural beauty,

To chill out

After another hard day,

At work it never seems to stop,

And she hears he favourite tune on the radio,

A Latin vibe which relaxes her

And makes herself alright

And as it plays,

She pushes her seat back 

And does the same,

Stretches her legs out

And runs her hands up and down

Her long slender silky thighs,

Opens up her knees, as she opens up to need,

Her eyes now closed,

Her head now back,

She enter the throes of passion 

As her finger work their magic,

In the best way she knows,

Her body aching as her sinews stretch

As her essence flows

And her hips grind to the Latin beat,

She lifts up her tight top

And takes off her bra,

So she can feel free,

Feel the air and feel so naughty,

Her body squirming and contorting to the vibes,

She feels the warmth, the essence

And the passion deep inside,

As gasps and as she moans

Tune still playing on radio,

And she gets in to the rhythm 

And works her body to the beat,

As she grinds and thrusts her body harder,

Twisting turning going further and further

Into lustful ecstasy, 

She needs and wants release,

As she writes in he seat,

Putting up her feet

On the dashboard of the car,

And arches back

Hips up, bum lifted off the seat,

Bracing herself with her feet

Pushing back into the seat,

She finds release

And her essence flows almost like a stream

And she feels so pleased,

As she felt the climax and release

Coincide with the tune on the radios beat,

She hit that vibe

And exploded deep inside

And is satisfied

And opens here eyes

And she’s this middle aged lady

Standing with her dog to one side,

By a tree and she had clearly seen everything

And she smiled,

So she smiled back,

Sat back tidied herself up and relaxed

And then looked back,

Wound down the window,

Laughed and said ‘same time tommorrow’,

The woman with the dog laughed,

Said ‘we’ll be her we always are, I may even join you in your car as that looked fun’,

Then she took her leave

And as the radio knocked out another Latin beat, 

She thought,

There is every chance that this

Could become a regular thing.


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