Crucial times

We are live in crucial times,

A time we need to use our minds,

We are living in a time that surely will define

How we are gauged as a humanity,

How we acted as human beings,

Did we shrink into the dark or did we shine our light,

Did we sit ignorantly or did we fight,

For the causes that need our voices

And our support, so we need to make the loudest noises

But many are happy just to sit back,

Lose themselves in their mobile phones,

Watching reality celebrities

And playing mindless games,

While ignoring those destroying everything

in power and greed’s name,

We need to shine out,

Shine our light bright

And need to help those, who cannot help themselves,

We have to be the new radiance

And lead with our intelligence,

We need to lead from the front using love and compassion

As our weapons and peace and kindness as our shield,

We need to engage people so they feel,

that they key to life is positivity

and we all need to find our love and self belief,

and bring about a change.


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