You refuse to see me

Can you see me?

I am living on the street,

Can you see?

I have no shoes on my feet,

I have a troubled mind

And a complicated life,

I am not one of those on the street

Living a double life.

I see you walking past

Eyes wide open

Mind is shut,

You avert your eyes

You look the other way,

You act like you don’t see or notice me,

I could het up in your grills

And you still would not see me,

It’s not that you don’t 

It’s because you refuse too,

For then you can the abdicate responsibility,

For doing something to help or understand me

And the plight and the life

That I live everyday,

It’s so much easier to ignore me and look away,

In a hope that maybe I will just simply fade

Into the background of life and society,

A be swallowed up by the ground

Because then your conscience will then be appease.


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