I watch you grow

You start so small

But with nutrients 

You soon grow

And in no time we soon witness

Just how colourful and amazing

You truly are.

Flourishing we see you develop

Both physically and consciously,

Developing your own ideas

And building your own 

Hopes and dreams so beautifully.

I see you grow,

From small acorns grow mighty oaks

And I hope that the love in you is so

Unconditional and available to all,

I hope that as you grow tall

Compassion and peace will be your call

And all the colours that you show

Will light up all the darkest days,

Like a rainbow in full glow.

I watch you grow

And I don’t need to learn to love you so,

It’s all ready there in the marrow of my bones

And I hope you are the light that shines

The life that understands and knows,

The importance of existence 

And makes the very most of living,

As i watch you grow.


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