Take a walk

Walk with me,

Take a walk through this universal dream

Walk with me,

See and discover the illusory 

And what is truly reality,

Walk with me,

See the beauty of this world

And nature’s tranquilty,

Walk with me,

Understand creation

And how it works

Then maybe you will see,

How nothing’s meant to hurt,

How sharing love

And nurturing growth

And living kindly in compassionate peace

Is why we came here.

Walk with me

And see how we were formed from stars,

Made up of light energy,

We have travelled so very far

To this place, this ancient paradise,

To connect with other souls,

To live a life of wonderment

And to live a life that is a miracle

And to behold the dream  that is immortal.

Walk with me,

I will hold your hand,

Walk with me,

As we review creations plan

And see the pain, the suffering

And realise that we need to change

And rediscover our humanity,

It should be a blessing not a curse,

To our world, our home,

Because there is nowhere else to live.

Walk with me

And understand we are one race one family

And as such we need to get along,

Unite as one and be tolerant,

Share through love peace and equality. 

Then as you walk with me,

We will walk off into the sunset

Of our everlasting dream,

Of a beautiful eternity

Walk with me.


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