Hidden away

She kept herself hidden away

kept to the shadows and to the shade,

to frightened to be see or noticed

it was not that she was agoraphobic,

she was just fearful of everything in life,

from what she saw and what she read

through the media outlets,

who made her feel as if life was risky,

that just venturing down the street was taking a chance.

She spoke to no one and kept to herself,

heard that the most likely people to cause you harm

are those that you have known.

She huddled herself away

hidden in her self imposed exile,

she isolated herself from life

like a hermit afraid to be seen in the light.

This is the result of fear mongering,

she kept up with all the news online

and most of what she read on there was fake,

a reality often of skewed take,

her life was going to waste,

how can this be acceptable,

society needs to be responsible for this all,

spreading fear and spreading lies,

left he frightened and harmed her life

does anyone know?

does anyone care?

That people are left living life scared,

hidden away and would not dare,

come out and socialise.


Via Daily Prompt: Hidden


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