War tales

What stirs the passions more

Than a tale or film of war,

Sagas of death and violence,

Tales of old ancient myths,

Tales of wars barely ended,

Tales of wars that are historic.

Brutal, barbaric, bloody and savage,

Its a constant epic narrative,

That seems to appeal to what people need

Or is it that it’s the predominant theme.

There are so few films in comparison

That promote hero’s inspiring peace,

To little out there showing how wars

Can be avoided,

How love and compassion

Can triumph over war and death.

To few showing the shame of violence

To few showing innocent bodies silent,

Laying in the rubble of a bombed out street,

Brutality is the fantasy on which some feed.

Why are there so few peace inspiring movie?

Why do we not expose war?

For the shameful and waste of life it is,

Poor people used as cannon fodder for the rich,

Is there really a need to glorify

The horrendous way that people die.

I want no part of this,

It stirs within, a negative lust,

Of something tribal something wrong

I have no wish to join in the war songs,

Or play a role filled with violence and hate,

I prefer a state of love and grace


6 thoughts on “War tales

  1. So important this is said. Our culture is now becoming more and more violent and it is so true that there are so few stories which show us how to heal from the agonising rupture of war! This needs to change. I find its so hard to find much to watch that isn’t about some kind of physical or emotional violence. Can we really do no better than this.

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