El Dorado leads to El Diablo

He was searching for his El Dorado

but all he found was El Diablo,

because when you are on a quest for greed,

a demon inside you is all you will breed,

because there are greater treasures than material things

but those who obsessed never hear the alarm bells ring,

until it’s to late and they realise then they isolated themselves,

from anyone they ever loved

and from connecting enough,

with that which truly matters in the end,

and that is unconditional love, kindness and compassion,

which concepts and constructs are alien to a greedy mind

and it may take a while but in a period of time,

they realise how they have wasted their time,

chasing something elusive

and over time they realise they shut out people

and became so very reclusive

and those they consider friends are not friends at all

but just people riding on their coat tails,

hoping to benefit from your desire to get rich

and those that loved you and wanted to give you time

have now moved on with their own lives.

It’s such a shame,

that you can’t see,

that in the end all you got to show for your life, is money

and this does not mean that much to me

and it’s never going to be enough for you,

because you never discovered your El Dorado

and all I can see is the demon haunting your dreams,

because you are possessed by El Diablo.




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