Love and sex

She was caught within a cycle

A wheel of love and lust,

She needed to feel wanted

Needed sex too much,

She would give herself to any man

Who showed her some attention,

She had even given the same to other women.

Confused and torn and somehow lost

Misunderstanding there is not,

Much chance in finding loved rooted in sex

But I understood she enjoyed the warmth,

The closeness and the feel of all,

The emotions that we’re shared in the moment.

But after in the cold light of day

When that warmth had ebbed away,

All that was left was cold and empty

She needed something more sustaining,

Though you never heard her complaining,

Yet the truth is she could not find true love,

And maybe its because she never loved herself,

Or her expectations were to high,

Or maybe she mistook what love is,

Or maybe it was just that she denied the fact that she,

Just really enjoyed the act of sex.

Maybe she was kidding herself,

Maybe seeking love was an excuse,

Just to justify the need to sate desires that she had deep inside.


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