Don’t be afraid to say you love someone


He only wanted some affection

He only wanted to be shown love,

He did not that this was to much

To ask.

Yet people think that men don’t act this way,

This is not something that they crave

But we all need to be told we are loved

And even men need some affection,

As well appreciation too,

I think regardless of our gender we are guilty,

Of not giving enough,

To each other,

Sharing love with one another,

We all take each other for granted

And the love can turn bitter,

Becuase we fail to understand

That it’s all in our hands,

The love and affection,

Don’t give out signs of rejection,

For we are all hurt by this pain

And sometimes the cruel things that we say,

Out of desperation

And because we are lashing out,

Through our stress and worry

Out of our frustrated lives,

We all need to come together and hold each other tight.

We need to find the love,

We need to cherish it,

We need to respect it

And don’t take it for granted,

Be impeccable with your words,

Be impeccable with your thoughts,

Be impeccable with your actions,

Stand tall and walk the walk.

Feel the love,

Show the love

But most of all don’t be afraid to say it,

Because it’s vital that we talk,

Or we will lose the love

And we will lose it all

And it’s a sorry sight watching love fall.

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