Crash and burn Or turn it around

Do you ever feel that there is too much going on in life

That somehow things just don’t keep going right,

Have you ever felt things falling down around your ears

And worry that it’s all just going to end in tears

And the more you need change things

The more things stay the same,

Like you nose diving to earth in a speeding plane

And your fighting with the controls doing everything you can

But this plane is going to crash it ain’t never going to land.

So do you just stop fighting and accept this fate,

Or do you keep on fighting and keep the faith,

Hoping something is going to happen and all will be ok,

Are you your own worst enemy and a large part of the blame.

It’s hard to admit but this is often true

We have accept the problem deep down at the roots,

Sometimes we have to judge ourselves with a critical eye,

You know when you confront yourself

There is no point trying to lie,

You can’t kid yourself, you can’t hide the truth,

Because you know what is true

And as it all falls down and shatters on the ground,

Will you just lay there or pick yourself up again,

Have you isolated yourself so no one will help,

Or is there at rescue team waiting.

You don’t want crash, you want to turn this round,

You know you may feel this is too profound

But you have the know how

Somehow it’s there for you to see because you have the ability,

So just believe and try to breathe

And then through clarity

The answers maybe easier to see,

Whatever happens whether you crash and burn,

Or whether you turn this around,

Then you have to learn from everything,

For that’s the reason for living, experiencing.


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