I don’t do confrontation


I am the kind of person who placates,

Avoids confrontations however much it takes,

Don’t see the point in arguments they’re futile,

Don’t see a point in falling out with people,

I just wanna remain calm if that is alright.

Some others say that’s why I am like a doormat

But there is a difference in being a placater

And someone who gets walked over,

There is only so much anyone can take

But I try avoid anger in any way

But I can still be firm and stick up for myself,

I don’t require stress disrupting my physical or mental health,

So I am just fine biding time,

Remaining benevolent and calm,

Rising, not to others bait,

Who love trouble and crave a confrontation,

I let them go their own way

And I just let them fade away.

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