Train troubles

Train cancelled

Not for the first time,

No pointing in screaming,

No point in shouting,

It is nit going to make the train appear

Though others don’t feel that way

And lose it in a fit of rage,

Is cathartic for them to lose their heads

I keep calm,

No point in stressing,

Even though it is quite frustrating.

It happened on a Friday

Someone jumped in front of a Train,

I was filled sadness

At their plight, so desperate

But today is a Monday a bad start to the week,

Due to a signal problems

Your train, we had to cancel it

And at the end of a long day,

Tired and hungry, I just let it slide

But in all truth I don’t need this,

I am weary in body and mind

And figure surely the week,

It can only going to get better,

Got stay positive and things will be better in the end.


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