Blissful dawn

I remember the early morning dew

As it dropped from blades of grass,

As it moistened the snowbells, the bluebells and the crocus.

I remember greeting the first light of dawn

Through weary, teary eyes

as the gloom lifted I felt I could cry.

I lay in a field so verdant and green,

Interspersed by wild flowers it was an idyllic scene,

I heard the hum of bees and the twittering of birds,

Nothing more at all, it was peaceful once more.

As I lay here I see clouds drift by

Like pieces of cotton wool or candy floss in the sky,

I feel the sun start radiating its heat down on me,

Now more than ever I believe and fall in love with natures beauty.

I smell the essence of a brand new day,

As morning is heading my way,

I shed a tear it stains my cheek

I really love all this,

The miracle of living and being able to exist,

Who can honestly not appreciate it.

Now my eyes grow heavy

And the light begins to fade,

As the blood from my wounds starts to ebb away,

To think a soldier who has witnessed all the true horrors of war,

Should die surrounded by such beauty

I really must applaud,

The universe for it’s irony

And yet for giving me this gift,

A chance to die in such a place of magnificent bliss.

Then shortly after his passing away

The sounds of war began again

And more lives would end in a futile rage,

Its hard to comprehend what goes through all our brains,

To allow this happen

And not stand up against this today.

Why is it humanity chooses war over peace.


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