Stormy times

As she braved the elements,

The rain hit hard as though shattering shards of glass

That explode against her face,

The wind tore at her hair and the cold froze her lips,

And she appreciated this is how it is

And would need to weather it,

Need to keep on going,

Need to keep on showing she was strong.

Yet as she struggled,

She felt her clothes cling to her sculptured body,

Soaked through to the skin

But she still understood and showed her gratitude,

Because she knew we all go through this at some time

And it is important to keep calm in the mind,

For this won’t last forever and the sun will soon shine

And everything will be alright

And the universe will show it’s delight

That she handled adversity with a calm and understanding mind,

Because we live lives in impermanent times.


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