Multiverse thinking

Don’t restrict yourself to universal thinking

Expand your mind to multiverses

And drink in the potential and the wonders out there

Thunk of the prospects that we could share

If we put our mind to connecting

Through astral thought and flight

If we were to open our third eye and broaden our sight

We can travel through space at a thousand miles an hour

We can reach and fullfil our optimum power

We can engage with other consciousness

And discover whole new gateways

We can see what is denied to our closed minds

And suddenly see the whole of creation being displayed

We can see the whole unlimited reality of our being

Not the restricted domesticated illusion of our current thinking

That is negative and blinkered

With a cold heart and closed soul

This could be the moment where we really let go

And explode like a time bomb and let out colours show

And finally allow our essences to finally flow

And shine through the multiverses in iridescent ray of light

Astral thinking astral flight light all reality begins in the mind

So free your thinking and undo the chains

Break free from everything you think you know

And set your conscious mind fly free.


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