No restrictions

So you want to restrict me

Stop my mind from wandering free,

You want to domesticate me

And diminish myself belief,

You think that by limiting my thinking,

I will relinquish all my dreams

But this is something that you never will achieve,

Because I believe everything is possible

And everything can be achieved,

The only thing that restricts me is my own self belief,

I will not be told what to think

And just what my dreams should be,

I will not live by your design,

That’s for you, it’s not for me,

I will not comply to your rules simply to fit in

I have my own unique ideas and multiverse thinking,

I will not be told to keep my feet on the ground,

When I know that I can fly and that my light can rebound,

Off of a multitude of stars and planets

Of unlimited possibilities,

I will aspire to the very best that I can be

And that won’t be necessarily in accordance to what you think,

But hey my friend in the end, that’s the whole point of being free.


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