Mind mantra

Distracted mind,

The illusory pulling me back

Away from conscious reality,

From the things that truly matter,

Growing the spiritual being,

Increasing benevolent thoughts and acts,

Sharing compassion,

Promoting tolerance,

Discovering gateways to enlightened thinking,

Through out of the box thoughts,

By connecting with the matrix of universal, multiverse connections,

Understanding we know nothing,

But believing everything is possible.

These thoughts teach us how precious life is,

How precious nature, the environment and the Earth is,

Allows us to see the truth behind the lies,

The fake orchestrated lives seeking to mislead us,

Suggesting there is happiness in the illusory world

Of material greed and need

And of seeming perfect in an inperfect world.

Getting lost in work demands and social pressures,

That takes us away from self,

Stops us from focusing on

Casting aside the ego, the ‘Me’, the selfish needs,

That leads to unhappiness and misery,

From misguided expectations and aspirations.

The belief that money and this illusory

Can ever give contentment,

Can ever satisfy our spiritual needs,

So limited are they,

So restricted are they,

That they reduce the mind, soul and being.

Free me from these distraction to focus on conscious growth

And Continued awakening of the mind, soul and being.


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