Meditate on this..

Let’s us meditate on

Light bending,

Time ending,

Images of us and nature blending,

Transcending into animals, trees and plants,

Before flying at lightspeed to the stars,

Transforming who we think we are,

Into particles of energy so large,

We dwarf planets and become a collage,

Within the multiverse that sets a backdrop to the stars.

Then let us explode into millions of fragments of colourful energy,

Scattering our entire seed before reconstructing as entities,

Of divine and deity beings created from past memories,

That emanate from creation into our creativity,

The redesign and redefines our Proclivities of life,

That we find is out of orientation,

With our spacial views on quantum time,

To which we have be blind,

Within a thoughtless restricted mind.

We fall down a rabbit hole and everything starts to decompose,

Then see ourselves falling further down a well,

Into an interstellar hell of everyday life

And absorbing the lies those in charge tell us

That everything they teach us is right,

When we know it’s wrong.


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