Complacency costs you love

I thought that nothing could ever better this

that first time that we got close and kissed,

and it felt like fireworks exploding in my heart,

and I thought that it would never change,

the feeling that I felt so strange, when you were away,

I thought that my life had no meaning and that I may die,

How intense that was, that moment of first love,

the moments which are easy to forget along the way,

those moment that back felt oh, so great,

have now just faded into grey and now are forgotten as we acted out the play,

that happens so often and is sad to replay, took each other for granted

what more can I say, got too comfortable and the fire died down,

and became just an ember, it was just like the fun fair had left town

and now instead of smiling we just usually wear frowns

and the tracks of tears have taken there toll over years

and I can’t explain how and when we got here,

we just lost focus, we just let it slide, took our eye off of  the ball

and now all of the love light has diminished to barely even a glow,

I thought that we would last forever and grow old and never part

but now you are gone I am playing out the saddest aspect of the story,

the part where we end up feeling sad and lonely and wondering if this is it?

will I ever find this kind of love again and there’s no chance of repairing the damage,

because we can’t even talk anymore, we have become strangers

and the affection we had is gone, all that’s left is bitterness and tears

and it’s even got harder to remember the good times, as the bad ones

still fresh in the mind dominate, it’s so sad we realised to late, the love was gone,

now all we are left is sad songs, and an ache in the heart that will last long,

as it takes time to grieve the fact the house is empty and that you are gone,

please don’t settle for sad songs, just keep the fire burning bright through your love

for all time.


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