Stand back and see your role in the game

Do you look at your partner

and understand their full worth,

or do you suffer from that emotional curse,

of just believing that they should be there for you

no matter what it takes

and that you become complacent

and the taking for granted over takes,

every aspect of your relationship

and then you make the biggest mistake,

by just ignoring them to the point that they,

become so bitter that they leave

and just walk away, because they just can’t take,

playing along with this game,

for time is short and as a commodity

it never comes back again.

So they decide they must live their lives

and grab hold of the reigns

and ride away,

leaving you lonely not understanding the reasons, why?

and because you cannot fault yourself

you just blame them for ruining your life.

At this point introspection may be of great help,

being able to replay the game

and see how they must have felt

and see the role you played, in this relationship game

and I think you will see that you failed,

to measure up to, what you needed to do,

so now will you accept the blame?

even though it’s too late,

this is good for you and will hopefully help you grow,

so that you can avoid, the same mistakes,

and don’t live a life of growing old alone.

Be mindful of those you love

and those you need to hold close,

make them feel safe,

make them feel loved,

keep your relationship warm and not cold

and in this way you may find

that it is not to late,

but you need to change,

all your neglectful ways

and give them attention every day.


Via : Daily Prompt : Partner


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