Conscious reality liberates

Bright is the light that we shine

When we start to realize,

We are golden,

We are truth,

We are love.

And that we are descended from creation,

Which is all around,

Be the peace and compassion each and every day,

Be the tolerance on display,

Share your love with all and keep your heart open,

So no one needs to knock they can walk right on in,

For only banishing the fear

Will ever eradicate the tears

And don’t dwell on the wasted years,

Of negative being.

For we can make a change today,

It’s in our hands so don’t be afraid,

We can reach out and achieve

Whatever we choose to believe,

For we are conscious reality,

We should be living wild and free

And with this we can create our own dreams,

If we just believe.

So don’t give up on love

And never give up on peace,

Always be compassion

And live benevolently,

Creating a more tolerant place to be

And you will see,

It’s a better place to be,

In an awakened state we see,

All that is achieved is through conscious reality

Expressed through our mindful creativity

And through this talent and this ability

We sculpture the love that all humanity needs

If it’s to ever survive.


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