Mistaken love

At first when I tasted you

You were succulent and sweet

But as time passed I realised

You was not what I was led to believe

There was a bitterness at the core

A nasty after taste

I guess I should have opened my eyes

And realised that you were fake

Which is a shame

We could have been twin flames

Instead of a mistake

But its ok I will shoulder the blame

And though we will never be one again

I will always show the respect that your due

I am just so glad I learnt the truth

Before it was to late

And wasted the rest of our lives away

On dream that could not work

And at least it didn’t hurt

As much as it could have done

And we can focus on healing

And can move forward without a need to look back

So life can now lower the curtain on this final act

As we take ur bows and the lights go out.


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