Feel the fear

The bells chime

The hallelujah chorus sings

In a haunting refrain

In a time so menacing

A baby cries, the mother hugs it

The tension and the fear is palpable

There is an errie preternatutal silence

A tear of death a fear so malevolent

It cannot be spoken about

Distant screams and desperate shouts

Are heard through the reading silence

Of the group in hiding from the violence

Knowing that this futile act

Of hide and seek in church

Looking for sanctuary

Is no protection from what may come

Through acts of brutality carried out

By people that are less than human.

Cowering and desperate they feel the anxiety in the cold sweat

That their terrified being is now revealing

A head the prospect of these brutes killing all of them

In a violent rampage

These men of blood lust these men of rage.

Now imagine yourself There

How would you feel

Do you still not care

What happens to people

Living under such threats

Do the reports of their deaths

Not leave you with regret

That there is surely more

That can be done to save

Future women, children and the innocent

Or do you just close your mind to this

Pretend it does not exist

In your world of comfort and bliss

You believe your fake reality TV is more realistic

You worry more about this stuff

Than you do about those shedding blood

Helpless, hopeless, now dead on the floor

We all need to start doing a whole lot more

To change this world

To rid it of these wicked brutal men

And so humanity may one day hope to transcend

These barbarous acts against the innocent.


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