Good fortune has never come my way

I sit here in my almost bankrupt state

Wondering how I got to this place

Just getting by I scrimp and scrape

Nothing ever seems to change

For all my life so far it’s been this way

I am not sure it will ever go way.

Ok I’ve never been destitute or in the street

I really do appreciate this

And I have always had a degree of comfort

But it come at a cost of debt and loss.

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate life

And show gratitude for all its true

But just once I’d like to smile

As good fortune decides to visit me

For once the pressure and stress to ease

Where I don’t feel helpless and on blended knees.

It would be nice to sleep at night

Not having to lay awake in a sweat

Worrying and living from pay cheque to pay cheque

And will I be able to pay my bills.

Would it not be nice if the dark clouds of debt cleared

It would help my life shine a little more light

Wouldn’t it be good if the wolf left my door

It would lighten my mood a little bit more.

Yet a fighter I am and have always had to be

Understand the basic need

To remain hopeful and maintain my dreams

Be kind compassionate and remain rooted in love

But seeing my son play

ooblivious to the the stresses and strain

That comes with getting to adult age

I wish I could of remained in childhood

Rather than transition to adulthood

Because being an adult is so tough

And sometimes it feels like life truly sucks.


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