We dont want your nuclear death

The risk to our planet

And our doomsday hour

Beckons close with every moment

In the hands of insane men

That’s on who our lives now depend.

It’s insane to entrust our Earth

With these men of little worth

One focused on domination

The focused totally on greed

And neither interested in peace

Hell bent on causing a release

On global radioactive contamination

Showering down death on all nations

In a nuclear winter that nothing will survive

Nowhere for anyone to hide

In bunkers you will rot until you die

And as the women and children cry

We need to change things or at least try

To stop this madness worldwide

Unite as a humanity rise up and reject

Object, refuse, show we detest

All wars, all violence and widespread death

And protest against these mad men.


3 thoughts on “We dont want your nuclear death

  1. This world has been ruined due to humanity’s involvement no animal plant or natural disaster could ever cause as much damage as this nuclear radiation then on top of that the pollution that we’ve been trying to clean up for almost a few decades then the lack of biodiversity and the polar ice caps. Even basic human rights are still a struggle.

    “Living life in harmony I’m just feeling under this sky
    We’re connected, through the lives that we have so much we can’t count
    For example, if I were able to do one thing for you
    I’ll tell of, how we went on living in the same generation
    Hey, I just noticed
    Kids get there hearts broken, when they see their parents crying
    Living life in harmony, you can’t go on living alone
    That’s what the pains that I have so much of, that I can’t tell all of, told me.
    Be it a road that we walk together, it should also be a road, that we build together
    As we tread this long road with the just the importance of both our lives
    Living life in harmony I’m just feeling under this sky
    The prayers and wishes that I have so much of that I can’t tell all of, they go on to make an endless future.” -Misia “Life In Harmony” (English Translation)

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