Infinate universe

In an infinate universe

One that is so vast

Where Earth and all life

Were created by a miraculous spark

A freak event happening from an exploding sun or a star

That is how we happen to be where we are.

Now in an infinite universe that is so vast

These events maybe be happening everyday

Somewhere in the vast cosmic array

And having being doing so since before we came into being

And will carry on long after we are gone.

So to believe out of these sparks

In an infinite universe that is so vast

That an event like ours could not happen again

Seems to be to a sign of arrogance or ignorance

That we believe we are the only miracles

The only species in a space so deep

In an infinite universe that is so vast.

Then we posit the argument that if there was other life

How would they reach us, as we can’t reach them

This brings into question the fact once again

Are we arrogant or ignorant in our thinking

Yes maybe if other beings do exist

They maybe more evoked and intelligent

They may have existed millions of years before us

And have come up with technology far in advance

Or maybe they just focused their energy

On evolving and progressing

Not warring not killing and hell bent on self extinction

And that’s give them an edge

To progress further than us

Maybe they are beings that are just like us

But without the flaws of hate and greed and so evolve at speed.

Would we know?

Would they come here?

To a planet where they would be shot down, killed first

With the mentality of asking questions later

Whoops! Flaw they’re dead than cannot speak now

And the rest of their species is also leads than happy now.

It does not appear to me to anger

Beings more advanced than you

They can help with our extinction that much is true

But the reality is being advanced they would leave

Wait until we’ve destroyed ourselves

Then come back and see

What mess annd carnage we left behind

Like a really wild party where everything has been defiled

Pollution poisoning air land and see

And a planet almost devoid of any of the multitude of varied species.

If anyone survived it when these other beings come

All you could do is hang your head in shame

For no one who is intelligent could ever explain

The way humanity went about it’s business existing

Because it is totally insane.

So although the truth and the facts are

That in a infinate universe that is so vast

How can we argue we are the first or the last spark

Borne from creation out of energy and light

That’s ever come to fruition since the beginning of the arch of time.

Picture courtesy of Pinterest


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