Waking up after what could have been a lifetime of sleep Lana cast her eye around the bridge of the ship that she had helped crew into outer space. The mission was to reach Out towards Saturn using new technologies to put them into hyper sleep and for the ship to travel further than any other ship has ever done.

However something went wrong that was obvious. Lana checked the logs and somewhere along the way the ship was drawn into a black hole. According to science black holes are vacuums that would crush anything entering into it. Clearly still being here and alive science was wrong. Lana checked the charts and nothing showed up. Opening the shield to look out from the bridge Lana beheld a sight that almost left her breathless. She had checked the rest of the crew and they were all still in deep hyper sleep and not due to awaken for years yet. Lanka’s pod had malfunctioned, hence she was awake. She could go back into hyper sleep but wanted to check thing over first to check all was ok. Clearly they were not.

Lana asked the computer for a breakdown of what had occurred and a print out on the screen provided an explanation. Apparently when they were magnetically drawn to the black hole and on entering the black hole entered a gateway to a multiverse dimension. Now the ship was drifting and lost. Not data could be produced to show her where the ship was now. now. Looking out Lana could see starfields and nebulae, brightly lit auroras. Set against the ebony background of infinate space it was breathtaking. Suddenly out the corner of her eye a shooting comet with a blazing tail raced past. This place was a cosmic paradise. A universal Eden. Lana stood watching amazed at what she saw but as she stared in wonder a voice resonated out from the computer. Turning and brushing back her long black hair from her flawless and beautiful ivory skinned face Lana listened to what it said with keen and curious interest.

‘Human being, you have crossed through a gateway into a universal paradigm shift of spacial knowledge and understanding. To this there is no return from and yet your presence here is an anomaly of cosmic reality. Because of this a set of events has been set into motion to correct this anomaly’. ‘What are those events’, Lana inquired cautiously. ‘A set of events that will see your voyage within this multiverse dimension terminated’. The sound of the word terminated in such a cold flat timeless, compassionless way made the hair on her neck stand and a shiver ran down her spine. ‘How will it terminate’, her voice now hoarse with emotion and shake, ‘quickly and painless. If you look to the right you will see an ever increasing iridescent glow growing bigger. This is an exploding star. A Supernova and it will swallow up and disinntergrate anything in its path. A heading has been established, co ordinates punched in and the ship is now heading on a direct path towards it’. The computer lacked any kind of emotion in its response. ‘ why?’ Lana asked tearfully. Because you have breached unknowingly the space time continuum, which could set in to motion a cosmic rip between other dimensions.’ The shock of this hit her like a punch to the gut. She felt winded. Lana loomed to the ever I increasing glow. It was beautiful and captivating. It impelled her to watch as it’s spread towards her an ever increasing speed. Suddenly all there was, was light, brighter than anything she had ever seen and blinded her vision. Then everything blinked out in an instant.

Momentarily everything was dark before a warm luminescent glow appears and lit up her sight. Lana looked around and saw a spectral vision, ‘where am I?’ She asked. The vision responded, ‘you have entered the spirit realm, you have passed over and you are now at peace. You are now in creations embrace. Know that you loved and that all you’re now the embodiment of universal spirit being.’ With that Lana saw here family members and friends who had past away emerge from a brightly lit white do It and corridor. With tears streaming down her cheeks like waterfall she embraced them all before they took her had and led her to whence they came. Her voyage was over, her journey at an end. Lana blinked out of human being into a beautiful spirit vision.


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