Peaceful contemplation

Peace is soothing

Keep it moving

Resonate it deep within

Keep on meditating

On the peace and love

That’s transcending

And deeply is transitioning

To thus field of beauty and grace

That I visualise in my trance state

I spread love and peace out to the earth

Beneath me I may feel the dirt

But above me I see the multiverse

Of expansive awakened conscious thinking

And I set of and fly there astrally without even blinking

For I am in a place where I hear choirs singing

Songs to let peace flow

And that allows me to let go

Of all negative thinking

A place where anger and hate can never be so

Rest in the serenity of peace

Let it soothe and let it truly reach

Deep within your very soul

And feel all your conflicts in life be resolved

As they dissolve into realms unknown.

Picture courtesy of Pinterest


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