Swirling geometric cascades

A cascade of light flows before me

Swirling round in all its glory,

Unfurling shapes of geometry,

Then at speed assaulting me visually

And builds itself into arrays into a tower,

Then melts away before becoming a speeding train,

It hits me straight head on

And I fall back and start floating,

Until I feel the warm embrace

Before I see and follow the trace of the prismic coloured trail,

Leading me to the muliverses Holy Grail

And I feel suddenly the Trinity

And spiritual soldiers march in front of me,

Fire guns of compassion and love

Over their heads fly white peace doves.

A consequence of getting older

Everything moves much slower,

These colours of light they rise me up

Into a massive cosmic dust of stars and planets,

The move in and out my head,

Before a sudden explosion makes me aware,

I am in the midst of a fiesta in a little town square

Its packed with people of whom I’ve always cared,

Those who I lost and caused me such despair.

And hills rise up from the square,

I see my destiny lays there

A Toletec scene of brilliance,

On the Day of of the Dead I see the significance,

As I pass over into the realms of death,

Please don’t be sad as I gasp my last breath,

I am off to party in the fiesta’s small square,

So remember always knowing I love and care,

Don’t feel the need to shed a tear

And if you do make them ones of colour,

Luminescent one after another

And filled with love and you will discover me in each drop,

As I will never be to far away,

In a swirling cascade of beautiful colourful grace.

Picture courtesy of Pinterest


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